Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia / Millenia+ / Millenia TEX review



Millenia: $719
Millenia+: $799 at Baby Bunting only
Millenia TEX: $799


Type A4/B convertible car seat




0 – 4yrs approx


H 64-81 x W 47 x D 39 cm
(60cm depth in rearward facing mode)

Height markers

Lower marker
(must rearward face under marker): 35cm
Middle marker (turn to forward facing): 39cm
Upper marker (stop use): 43.5cm


Seat belt


4-position recline
Height-adjust headrest


5-point harness

Other features

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT)
Active Head Restraints (AHR)
Thermo5 High Performance Fabric
Aircraft compatible
Car seat protector
Toy holder

Additional on Millenia+:
Thermo5 Fabric with Memory Foam

Additional on Millenia TEX:
Thermo5 Fabric with Nanotex


5 years on Safe-n-Sound car seat moulding, harness and fittings
2 years on softgoods supplied with Safe-n-Sound car seat at the time of purchase (including accessories)

With extended warranty:

10 years on Safe-n-Sound car seat moulding, harness and fittings
5 years on Thermo5 soft goods.

CREP safety rating using ISOFIX

Protection rating

Forward facing
Rearward facing

Ease of use rating

Forward facing
Rearward facing

CREP safety rating using seat belt

Protection rating

Forward facing
Rearward facing

Ease of use rating

Forward facing
Rearward facing

Pros and cons


+ High safety rating, especially forward facing
+ ISOFIX attachments
+ Good value
+ Quality fabric options
+ Aircraft compatible


– Expensive
– May be too wide for narrow cars

Bottom line:

The Britax Millenia is one of Britax’s top of the range convertible car seats, with a price tag that matches the feature list. It ticks all the boxes especially if you are a stickler for safety and has a very high safety rating. It sits somewhere between the Graphene and Platinum PRO in terms of width and safety features. 

Quality fabric options are available depending on your preference (Plus for memory foam, TEX for NanoTEX moisture/odor repellant) are additional price options. As a bonus, this one is suitable if you and your tot are frequent jetsetters and want to take your carseat with you too as it is aircraft compatible. But if you have a small car, it may not fit if you are looking for 3 across, and it is very expensive.

Who this is for:

The jetsetting, safety conscious parent who is prepared to fork out for the car seat.

What is the difference between the Millenia, Millenia Plus & Millenia TEX?

Each of the Millenia seats are the same underlying seat with the same dimensions, age ratings and safety ratings. Only the seat trim fabric differs between them.

What’s the difference? The Millenia has the regular Thermo5 fabric which helps keep your child cool and dry.

According to Britax, “Thermo5 fabric feels smooth on the skin and soft to touch. Thermo5 uses a knitted fabric which provides airflow and wicks moisture away, keeping your baby cool, dry and comfortable.”

The Millenia Plus has Thermo5 fabric plus memory foam underneath the fabric. Memory foam conforms somewhat to the body of your child and retains the shape, making the seat feel more comfortable and ‘custom-fitted’. Additionally, the Millenia Plus is only available from Baby Bunting (in Australia).

The Millenia TEX, has the base Thermo5 fabric but instead of memory foam has moisture repellent ‘NanoTex’ features built into the fabric. This means that if liquid were to spill onto the seat, the liquid would bead up and roll off the fabric instead of soaking, which may potentially ruin the fabric.

Is it worth getting the Millenia Plus or Millenia TEX over the regular Millenia for $80? Maybe, but regardless of which one you choose, they are all great seats.

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