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We spent 4.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what parents think:

✅ 4 reasons to buy

+ A lot of people love the Scandinavian design of the Stokke Sleepi.
+ The ability to use it as a bassinet for young babies was a considered a big plus.
+ Many parents also liked that it was on wheels to be able to move around easily.
+ Many parents bought this cot for the ability to convert it from a bassinet to a cot, a toddler bed and then table and chairs later on.

❌ 4 reasons NOT to buy

– A few parents felt the cot was too low on its low mattress setting, making it difficult to lay your baby down easily.
– Many parents commented on how thin the mattress was.
– The unique mattress size limits your choice of linen, and Stokke branded linen is expensive.
– Many parents thought the cot was quite expensive for what it was.

Bottom line:

The Stokke Sleepi Cot is a 4-in-1 convertible cot from Norwegian company Stokke. It has the ability to convert into 4 different forms: bassinet, cot, toddler bed and later, table and chairs, which improve the longevity of the set. Many parents loved the Scandinavian design of the cot and thought it was a stylish addition to their furniture. Parents also loved that it was on wheels, making it easy to move around.

On the downside, some parents complained about the height of the mattress in low mode being quite low. Also, parents found choice of linen was a bit limited.

In general, while the cot was expensive, parents liked it for the styling and the convertibility of the cot, with a build quality to match its usefulness.








Mattress size

Stokke Sleepi Mattress (included)
Elongated oval shape with length 122 cm. and width 70 cm.Thickness: 9 cm.

Height adjustable


Toddler bed option


Other features

Convertible to table and chairs

Assembly instructions



Ease of assembly


Build quality


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Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde

Kim is a former sales manager for a leading baby store and loves talking about all things baby. She is also mother of two little ones, Zac & Alana, who keep her on her toes in between reviewing the latest products.

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  1. The Stokke cots are expensive because they’re not made in China (durrr!): some in Norway, and some in the US, meaning you can trust the manufacturer not to use chemicals or god know what else they use to cut corners in that part of the world. The Boori cot is about half the price, but made in China and a total design rip-off of the Stokke cot (but made much more cheaply). I wouldn’t feel safe putting my baby in a Chinese cot, after all, they poisoned their own babies with melamine in milk so some guy could make more $$$, which is all it’s about over there. Buy the real Stokke thing, or go for something much more modest made here (there are a few around). But if you ‘love the look’ of the Stokke but can’t afford it, stop whingeing about the price, get off Instagram and lower your design expectations: it’s just not worth it for your baby!

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