The Ultimate Pram Buying Guide 2020

Ultimate Pram Buying Guide 2020

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Congratulations on your new arrival! Maybe you are thinking about how you are going to transport your precious newborn around? We help you find the right pram that suits your style.

The pram buying journey

“I wasn’t staring at your child ma’am, I just was checking out your pram!”

Buying a pram isn’t easy.

Like most new parents-to-be, when I found out we were having our first, I was like this: 😄

And then when I started looking at which pram to buy, I was like this: 🤔

After doing hours and hours of research: 😯😫😭

Then I decided to go into a store and ask a few questions. 20 minutes later, I was out again and I like this: 😵

There are sooooo many prams to choose from. I reviewed them all. 

What I realised is there is no one pram to rule them all.

Different prams suit different families.

If you sit down and think a bit about your lifestyle and family plans you can help narrow it down. This guide will help you with that journey.

The Best Prams Available today

Bugaboo Donkey2 Twin

The one pram for everything, including your two children

+ Flexibility for your growing family
+ Maneuverable for its size
– Expensive

Betterbuying.co_Gold-medal_60x60 Best Side-by-Side Pram

UPPAbaby VISTA william

UPPAbaby Vista

Solid and highly configurable for all combinations

+ Quality build
+ Highly configurable
– Expensive and accessories extra

Betterbuying.co_Double-Gold-medal_90x60 Best Pram for Newborns Best Tandem Pram

Babyzen YoYo Plus

The best travel pram available, where money is no object

+ Well-designed, easy to fold
+ Airline friendly
– Expensive

Betterbuying.co_Gold-medal_60x60 Best Travel Pram

Valco baby Snap 4 Black Beauty

Valco Baby Snap 4

Light and fully-featured pram for a low price

+ Light
+ Newborn ready
– Polyester

Betterbuying.co_Gold-medal_60x60 Best Cheap (and good) Pram

What sort of pram do you need, anyway?

You can figure out a lot about what sort of pram is best for you by asking yourself what you might need it for.

Which of these best describes your situation?

The first one is on the way (hurray!)

Your little one is on the way and you are preparing for her arrival. You know you need a pram. Which one is right?

What you will need is a pram with a layflat option or a bassinet to let your newborn sleep peacefully while you stroll.

The Best Pram for Newborns 2020

Current or future plans involve more than one...

While you may just be getting your head around what you need for your first child, it may be worthwhile thinking about future plans. Like how you might carry your second.

Or maybe you have twins.

Some prams can be expanded to hold two children, with 2 bassinets, 2 chairs, or bassinet & chair configuration.

Some have side by side ‘double’ configurations.

Some even have ‘skateboards’ for older children to ride on.

This may save you a lot of money down the track in buying another pram.

The Best Double Pram of 2020

I want a lightweight pram to travel with the little one

Prams come in many sizes.

Some prams are also lighter and easier to fold than others, making it simpler for you to fold and pack away your pram while wrangling your baby in one arm.

These come in the category of travel strollers.

The best travel strollers are also designed to fit in an overhead locker on the plane, meaning you can leave your main pram at home and still push your baby around the airport. Very handy!

The Best Travel Pram 2020

I want a nice pram but have a limited budget

Not all prams need cost a fortune. These prams will still let your baby ride safely and comfortably but for a fraction of the price of the top models.

8 cheap prams that are also good prams

I want a pram compatible with my car capsule

A car capsule is a portable bassinet that can clip into your car seat. This means you don’t need to physically lift your baby out of your pram into the car seat.

They can be great for your newborn to move seamlessly (and sleepfully) between the car and the pram. So good.

The catch is that most capsules only let you carry an infant up to 6 months old, so you may have to invest in another car seat not long after.

Find out which capsules work with which prams.

What should you look for in a pram?

How heavy is it?

Consider that not only will you have to push the pram, sometimes up hills, but you may have to lift the pram into your car, over stairs, or just need to keep it under control.

Therefore you’ll want something that is lighter rather than heavier as it’ll make your life that much easier.

How much can you carry?

There are times where you may need to carry a lot in your pram. Nappies, toys, blankets, spare set of clothes, food, drink bottles, more toys, your bags, and then you’ve only just left the house.

Then you might want to carry additional shopping on the way back.

Oh and of course your baby.

So in these times you’ll want to make sure your pram can carry all of these things comfortably without straining.

And the more you can carry on the pram, the less you need to haul around on your shoulders!

A pram manufacturer will specify how much it is rated to carry in litres (L) or kilograms (kg). More is better!

A pram rated for a higher storage capacity will be safer for you and your baby if you carry things on the pram as it will be less likely to topple over or break.

How maneuverable is it?

Considering you’ll be pushing your pram through all sorts of corridors and aisles wide and narrow, you’ll want to make sure your pram is easy to maneuver.

This will be a function of:

  • the width of the pram, and,
  • the distance between front and wheels

The trade off is that you may not have the same carrying capacity.

How stable is it over rough ground, a.k.a. how 'all-terrain' is it?

This may be an important feature if you are planning to walk your little one off the pavement and not jolt him awake.

Typically, the larger the wheel, the less impacted it will be by bumps underfoot.

But larger wheels may be less maneuverable, or may be too large or heavy to carry.

Can it carry a newborn?

Babies less than six months old will typically need to lay flat as they learn to hold themselves up.

Not all prams have a lay flat capability. Therefore you’ll need a pram that can either lay flat itself or have a bassinet option, which typically costs extra.

How easy it is to fold and pack away?

If you are using your pram a lot to get out and about (yay) you will be folding your pram a lot (boo)

An easy to fold pram will make your life much better, especially as you may need to do it one-handed.

Also the folded size of the pram becomes important when you need to put it in your car. If you need to upgrade your car to fit your pram, then it becomes a very expensive pram.

Can you double up?

Planning more than one child? Some prams let you carry more than one baby, either side-by-side or in tandem. If you have twins then you might like to check out our Best Double Pram Guide.

Is the pram compatible with a capsule?

Sometimes when your little one is asleep in the pram and you want to ensure that the car ride home is equally peaceful, a capsule can be a life saver.

Capsules clip directly into the pram and car seat, meaning you don’t need to disturb your baby moving them around.

There is a catch though.

Typically capsules are only good for babies up to a certain age, typically 6 or 12 months. You may need to purchase an additional adapter to make your capsule fit with your car seat.

See our guide on travel seat compatibility.

How stylish is it?

I did leave this until last, but let’s face it, it may be the most important thing for you. In some ways your pram may also represent who you are. Or it may not.

Whether it does or doesn’t, you will want to make sure you feel good about whichever pram you do own, stylish or not.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What are the alternatives to having a pram?

While a pram may be a popular and convenient way to carry your baby, it’s definitely not the only way.

A baby carrier

It looks like a backpack for your baby and feels like one too. But it lets you walk around freely, up and down steps, and lets you use both hands.

A stroller

Also known as an umbrella stroller, these are useful when you want something portable but your little one still needs to sit.

These are typically padded lightly but can be folded up very small, which makes it useful for travelling on airplanes.

A sling

It may look like a large piece of cloth but this is the traditional way mothers carried their children. Done right, it is comfortable for mama and baby and it promotes all the benefits of close bonding.

Questions we get asked:

Apart from the obvious answer of ‘one wheel’, a 3-wheeler is usually easier to push around and is more maneuverable, but can be prone to tipping especially when turning a corner. They are also often wider than four-wheelers. Jogging specific prams are also all 3-wheelers…but not all 3-wheelers are [jogging prams – link]

All prams and strollers in Australia (and New Zealand) must meet Australian and New Zealand standard ‘Prams and strollers—safety requirements’. AS/NZS 2088:2000
The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the performance testing, design, construction, safety warnings and labels of prams and strollers.
Prams and strollers must have: 
  • A parking device
  • A tether strap
  • Passed performance testing, relating to requirements for impact, strength, load, durability and stability
The ACCC specifies mandatory safety standards for prams and strollers
You should get a double pram if you have twins, babies close in age to each other or are planning to, and don’t mind the extra size, especially width!
The other option is to get a single pram that can expand to carry two bublets later on as an option, either as a seat or a bassinet
See our guide on the best double pram to help you.
It’s not essential but it is recommended. When your baby is young and sitting up you’ll want to be able to make eye contact with her when pushing your pram around. But eventually, the forward view will be more interesting than the mommy view so baby will want to see the world instead.
Yes it is a real thing!
Once you have a pram, you will be checking out all the other prams on the street. Trust me, it happens.
Unlike some baby items where you may have reasons to be wary of buying second hand, prams can provide opportunity to save money on can be a significant purchase.
Some of the things to consider are:
Is the pram covered by the AS/NZS 2088:2000 safety standard?
Is the pram mechanically sound and do the brakes and tether strap still work as expected?
Are you comfortable about the history of the pram?
Consider our guide on buying second hand baby products


The best pram for you depends on your needs. No one pram fits everyone, there are prams good for if you have a newborn, prams which can be expanded to fit more than one, jogging prams, and affordable prams. 

Our guides will be able to help you work out which one is best for your needs and your budget.

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