Babylove Ezy Switch EP Review





Type A4/B convertible car seat




Rearward facing: 0 – 2-3 yrs (approx)
Forward facing: 6 mo – 4 yrs (approx) 


H 72-79.2 x W 44 x D 40 cm
(57cm depth in rearward facing) 

Height markers

Lower marker
(must rearward face under marker): 35cm
Middle marker (turn to forward facing): 39cm
Upper marker (stop use): 43.5cm


Seat Belt


2 recline positions
Adjustable-height headrest
4 shoulder slot heights


6-point harness

Other features

Ezy Protect (EP) headrest protection
EPS foam for added side impact protection
Harness clips to hold unbuckled harness open
Removable cup holder
Car seat protector mat


2 years (cover) / 5 years (mouldings, harness, fittings)

CREP safety rating

Protection rating

Forward facing
Rearward facing

Ease of use rating

Forward facing
Rearward facing

Pros and cons


+ Safety features even for a low-priced car seat
+ Extended rearward facing to 30 months approx.
+ Compact size, can fit three in the rear
+ Comfy cushioning
+ Light
+ Cup holder
+ Low price


– Some have found seat belt anchoring challenging to get right
– Long in rearward facing mode, may limit front passenger legroom
– Simple styling
– Doesn’t have the convenience or comfort features of more expensive car seats
– You better like grey

Bottom line:

The Babylove Ezy Switch EP is a budget 0-4 convertible car seat that still provides welcome safety and convenience features. Ezy Protect (EP) headrest protection and side impact protection provide reassurance that the seat has been designed with safety in mind. It does lack ISOFIX and anchoring the seat with the seatbelt correctly has been reported to be challenging for some.

In forward facing mode, it is one of the more compact seats (44cm wide) and can fit three wide in the rear. However, in rearward facing mode, because of the height of the sides, it is quite deep (57cm depth) and limits how far back the front passenger seat can go, even in medium SUVs, which may negate how small a car it can fit in. Extended rearward facing to 30 month is possible and so the front passenger may also have to put up with limited legroom for an extended period of time.

Handy features such as clips to hold the harness when unbuckled and a cup holder are small but smile-inducing tidbits that you wouldn’t expect on a car seat at this price point.

While you won’t get the fanciest or most stylish car seat, at $259 it ticks a lot of the boxes, particularly on safety, and may be suitable if you need an occasional seat for the second car.

Our rating:

Who this is for:

Parents looking for an affordable and safety-oriented convertible car seat as a second seat.

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