The Best Pram For Newborns 2020

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There are so many prams on the market today. Which is the best for you and your precious newborn?


One of your first major baby buying thoughts is probably, “Which pram should I buy?”

And there are so many. Big ones, little ones, singles, doubles, joggers, travellers and so on.

These are actual quotes:

"Please help me with in purchasing a new pram. There soooooooo many options i'd rather go by recommendations. I went into the baby store the other day and walked out within 20 minutes as I had no idea what I was looking at."

"Been putting off getting a pram as honestly, I have no idea where to start! I'm now cutting it really fine & need to make a choice. There's so much range out there - choice / design & cost."

"I am expecting our first baby in January and have no idea what to look for in a pram or how much I will actually use one...What do I look for? I am a bit overwhelmed!"

So for what can be a very difficult, confusing, overwhelming and expensive purchase, where do you start?

   💡 Dads, pay attention too. This is where you can shine.

Summary: The Best Pram for Newborns

UPPAbaby Vista

The one pram for everything

+ Does everything
+ Expandable
– Big and expensive

Betterbuying.co_Gold-medal_60x60 Best Pram for Newborns

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Light and easy to fold and open

+ Easiest one-handed fold ever
+ Compact when folded
– Bassinet for newborns extra

Bugaboo Fox White

Bugaboo Fox

Stylish and comfortable all-terrain Bugaboo

+ Super stylish, customisable
+ Comfortable ride
– Expensive

Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Black

Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe

Full-size pram on a budget

+ Looks good
+ Affordable price
– Heavy and bulky

Redsbaby Jive2 blue

Redsbaby Jive2

Versatility to expand at reasonable price 

+ Great value for expandable pram
+ Versatile configurations
– Accessories extra

Betterbuying.co_Silver-medal_60x60 Best Pram for Newborns Value Pick

Baby Jogger City Select

Expandable pram without the price tag

+ 16 different configs for 2 babies
+ Expandable to double or triple
– Needs a bassinet for newborns ($ extra)

Bugaboo Cameleon³ Plus

Stylish but with practical shortcomings

+ Stylish
+ Easy to swap bassinet to seat
– Tiny basket, hard to access (improved in Plus)

Babybee Rover 2019 Grey

Babybee Rover 2019

Good value full-size stroller that is Aussie owned

+ Large wheels with suspension
+ 20kg weight capacity
– Large when folded

Stokke Xplory

Futuristic pram with a neat high-chair party trick

+ Adjustable chair height up to eye level
+ Futuristic design
– Basket is not really a basket

Must have features in a pram for a newborn

Lay flat

Newborns sleep a lot. Plus, they aren’t strong enough yet to hold their head up to sit up, so any time you take your bub out they will need to lay flat.

Prams generally come with a bassinet or the seat can recline fully flat. 

If the pram does not lay flat then it is usually only good for babies 6 months and older when they can sit up.

Small folded size

The pram will need to be folded and placed in your boot when you are driving around.

Take note how large the folded size is.

When you’re on the go, you’ll want a pram that is easy to fold and packs up to something nice and small so that it will easily fit in your boot no matter what your car.

A large folded pram may not be able to fit in your boot or leave room for much else. If you have to upgrade your car to fit your pram, it’s going to be an expensive pram.

Large storage

Don’t underestimate the volume of accessories you might find yourself carrying on the pram either: nappy bag, change of clothes, water bottles, toys, wipes and food, and that’s just to leave the house. 

Having a large basket will let you carry all of this and the shopping on the way home.

Other 'nice-to-have' features

Light weight

You will want a pram which is light enough to push and lift on occasion. 

The pram with all the bells and whistles may be awesome in the showroom but when you have to lift it daily up a few flights of stairs, it gets old quite quickly.

You’ll be lifting your bub up and down enough so you won’t want to put further strain on your back lifting your pram.

Look for one which is less than 10kg.

Expandable to carry two children

If the time comes to have another one, you may like to know if you can expand your pram too. 

Some prams can be expanded to hold two children, with 2 bassinets, 2 chairs, or bassinet & chair configuration.

A few prams even have ‘skateboards’ for older children to ride on.

How 'all-terrain' it is

While a pram is no SUV, you may like to know that you can take your pram ‘off-pathing’ and not get stuck on rocks or tree roots.

How all-terrain the pram is depends primarily on the size of the wheels and whether it has suspension or not.

Compatibility with car capsules

Known as travel systems, car capsules are a saviour for when you need to take your sleeping baby from the cafe to the car, and remain sleeping.

But you will need to ensure that your pram is compatible with your capsule.

Most prams need adapters to hold capsules – follow our guide to make sure you get the right one.

The best pram for newborns

RRP $1999
Lay flat: Yes, with bassinet
Folded size: L 84 x W 65 x H 44cm 
Weight: 12kg (Seat)
Storage: 13.6kg

The UPPAbaby Vista is the do-it-all of prams.

If you wanted just one pram to cover all of your current and future family’s needs, this is the pram you would get.

Once your baby has grown out of the bassinet you can switch it out for the seat, which also can recline fully flat. And then if number two comes, you can reattach the bassinet and keep the seat on to be able to carry two.

Plus, it can carry everything that you might want and more in the class-leading storage basket. It is an amazing pram.

But the trade off is that it is quite a wide pram at 65cm wide and this may be an issue if you are wheeling it around tight aisles a lot. It is also quite big and heavy and this may be a challenge to lift in and out of your boot regularly.


+ Does everything
+ Expandable
+ Carries a lot


– It’s big
– It’s expensive

Who this is for:

If you want one pram for everything, including your two children, and you don’t mind paying for it.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

RRP: $799
Lay flat: Yes (with additional bassinet)
Folded size: L 33 x W 65 x H 82cm
Weight: 9.7kg
Storage: 9kg (basket) + 0.9kg (seat back pocket)

The Babyjogger City Mini GT2 is the pram that you want if you are looking for a sturdy, every-day pram. It is super easy to fold one-handed, and when it is folded, it is very compact. Really handy. It is also quite lightweight so it’s easy to lug around.

The downside with the 3-wheel design is that it can be unstable: it may tip when turning, and you can’t hang anything from the handle as it may tip backwards. Also, accessories such as a bassinet are an additional extra, bumping up the price.


+ Easiest one-handed fold ever
+ Lightweight
+ Really compact when you fold


– Can be tippy
– Accessories are extra, including bassinet

Who this is for:

Those who will be folding, lifting, opening and repeating, at a reasonable price.

Bugaboo Fox White

RRP: $1799
Lay flat: Yes, with bassinet (included)
Folded size:
– Compact fold (without wheels) L 19 x W 54 x H 66 cm
– One piece fold L 88 x W 60 x H 46 cm
Weight: 9.9kg
Storage: 10kg

The top of the line pram from the most recognisable pram brand. Other pram-obsessed parents will be checking it out, because 1. it is stylish 2. it is very recognisable, especially with the white wheelcaps, and 3. it is a Bugaboo.

Depending on where you stand on the spectrum of showing off, this may or may not be a good thing.

But it is not all show without go: Bugaboo focused on design and the Fox came in at a svelte 9.9kg.

Large wheels, plush suspension and an easy push may not constitute power steering as its advertising claims do but it does have a very comfortable ride.

On a practical point, it is newborn ready with a bassinet (included) and can carry a toddler all the way up to 22kg.


+ Super stylish and customisable
+ Comfortable ride
+ Grows with your baby
+ Lightweight


– It’s expensive
– Everyone else will be checking out your Bugaboo

Who this is for:

You like walking and want a very light and easy to push all-terrain pram.

Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Black

RRP: $899
Lay flat: Yes
Folded size: L 88 x W 62.5 x H 32 cm
Weight: 13.7kg
Storage: 12kg

Steelcraft’s all-singing all-dancing full size pram offers a fully featured roller at a good value price. Features such as two-seat expandability, a large storage basket, 20kg carry capacity and reversible seat are the domain of prams more than twice the price. And it is pretty stylish too.

What sounds too good to be true often is: it is heavy, bulky when folded, and doesn’t roll well over bumps. Many users have also reported it creaking – disturbing baby and embarrassing the parent – and oddly, pulling to the left like a wonky shopping trolley.

Still, you might be willing to overlook these if you are on a tight budget.


+ Looks good
+ Good price
+ Expandable
+ Large basket


– Heavy
– Bulky
– Not maneuverable
– Creaky

Who this is for:

You want all of the bells & whistles in a full size pram on a budget…and are willing to take a chance with the usability issues (creaking, weight, bulk, lack of maneuverability)

Redsbaby Jive2 blue

RRP: $849
Lay flat: Yes, bassinet also included
Folded size: L 73 x W 58 x H 38 cm
Weight: 11.9kg
Storage: 12kg

The Jive2 is popping up everywhere and for good reason – it ticks all the boxes and is fantastic value.

Redsbaby were founded in 2013 by Meagan and Brett Redelman and have launched a range of high quality and affordable prams and other baby products.

The Jive2 comes with a bassinet as standard so you don’t need to invest extra at a time when money is flowing out the door preparing for your bub’s arrival.

Its storage basket is large and easily accessible to carry your nappy bag and other necessities.

If you are curious and want to check it out in person, as they are online only, you will need to make your way to a demo day…or ask the increasing number of parents out and about with them what they think.


+ Excellent value for money
+ Well-designed
+ Expandable


– Online only
– Heavy as a single

Who this is for:

You want a fully-featured pram for half the price and are comfortable parting with your cash online. 

Redsbaby Jive vs Uppababy Vista

How does the Jive compare with the do-everything Uppababy Vista?

Which one should you choose?

FeatureRedsbaby JiveUppababy Vista
Folded SizeSmaller ✔️
StorageLarger ✔️
WeightLighter ✔️
Carry 2+?Carries up to 2Carries up to 3 ✔️
All-terrain?Draw 🤷Draw 🤷
Price$849 ✔️$1999
Choose if:You want valueYou want the best

RRP: $899
Lay flat: Yes, with bassinet (extra)
Folded size: L 31 x W 65 x H 83 cm
Weight: 12.5kg
Storage: 7kg

The City Select is Baby Jogger’s full-size 4-wheel pram that does all.

Solid and a bit weighty as a single, it becomes a winner when you go from 1 to 2: versatile configuration is its strength.

The fold isn’t quite as easy as the one-handed fold of some of the other Baby Jogger prams, but it is still quite simple.

It also has a large storage basket which many mothers praise.

However, the value in the sticker price diminishes with the need to purchase accessories, such as a bassinet, belly bar or rain cover, which are included in some other pram brands.


+ Great value for an expandable pram
+ Versatile configurations
+ Large storage basket
+ Easy fold


– Bassinet and other accessories extra
– Heavy
– Bulky when folded


Who this is for:

You want a pram that is good for a newborn and great as a double (with many seating configurations)

RRP: $1199
Width: 59cm
Folded size: L 90 x W 50 x H 31 cm
Weight: 9.6kg
Storage: 4kg

Bugaboo have come out with the Cameleon 3 Plus as the refreshed version of the long-loved & long-admired original Bugaboo Pram.

Even until today its stylishness has proven its longevity with plenty of parents swooning over them (and the babies they carry).

An easy to swap from bassinet to seat, reversible seat, and good steering also give it function to back up the style.

But other prams are now beating it in practicality: its basket is tiny, and while accessibility is improved, it falls behind other prams such as the Vista. It can only carry a child up to 17kg which will only last about 3-4 years.

The fold is still a bit clunky and requires two hands for everything.

Being a Bugaboo, it does help though that it has good resale value once you’re done with prams.


+ Stylish
+ Easy to swap bassinet to seat
+ Reversible seat
+ Good resale value


– Tiny basket, hard to access (improved in Plus)
– Only 17kg child weight limit
– Bulky two-handed fold

Who this is for:

You love the style and don’t mind some of the practical shortcomings.

Babybee Rover 2019 Grey

RRP: $849
Width: 58cm
Folded size: L 87 x W 58 x H 47 cm
Weight: 10.9kg
Storage: 8kg

Babybee have launched in Australia as an online only pram manufacturer that completely cuts out the middleman, even eschewing demo days. The modern twist is that they have virtual demo days which basically boils down to a broadcast YouTube video.

But what they claim is that this approach keeps costs down and quality up. The challenge is that at this price point there is a lot of competition, with Redsbaby the clear comparison.

As a new brand it doesn’t have the same cred as UPPAbaby or Bugaboo, but Babybee has gotten off to a good start with the Rover. A solid performer that ticks all the boxes but is fairly large when folded. Its real challenge is, what differentiates this vs the Reds-jogger-crafts of the world?


+ Included bassinet option
+ Good value
+ Large wheels with suspension
+ 20kg weight capacity
+ Large canopy


– Heavy
– Online order only, but can have free trial
– Some rattling reported
– Large when folded
– Doesn’t really differentiate?

Who this is for:

You want a good value full-size stroller that is Aussie owned.

Babybee Rover 2019 vs Redsbaby Jive2

How does Rover compare with the Jive in the best of Australian prams?

Which one should you choose?

FeatureBabybee Rover 2019Redsbaby Jive
Folded Size
Smaller ✔️
StorageLarger ✔️
WeightLighter ✔️
Carry 2+?Carries up to 2 🤷Carries up to 2 🤷
All-terrain?Draw 🤷Draw 🤷
Choose if:You like new brandsYou want the tried and tested

RRP: $1799
Width: 56.5cm
Folded size: L 99 x W 56 x H 34 cm
Weight: 12.2kg
Storage: 9kg in a zipper bag

The Stokke Xplory is not your typical pram. Its sleek, futuristic design stands out and invites questions from inquisitive parents.

Its main party trick is its ability to raise the seat high enough to be at eye level. The benefit of this is that it doubles as a mobile high chair, so cafes, restaurants and other outings are all easily managed for your little one.

But the main drawback is that the future Stokke imagined the Xplory for is not today’s reality. Instead of a basket, there is a zipperised shopping bag, which is quite small and rather inconvenient.

Also, the frame tends to lose its futuristic sheen as it gets scratched up quite easily. At which point, the pram’s limitations will catapult you back into today’s world.


+ Adjustable chair height up to eye level
+ Futuristic design
+ Easy to fold


– Basket is not really a basket, and is small
– Gets scratched easily
– Expensive

Who this is for:

You want the adjustable height seat which doubles as a high chair in the cafe.

The Best Pram for Newborns Hierarchy

Price rangeModelRRP
High-end $1800+UPPAbaby Vista 🥇$1999
Bugaboo Fox$1799
Stokke Xplory$1799
Mid-range $800-$1200Bugaboo Cameleon³ Plus$1199
Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe$899
Baby Jogger City Select$899
Redsbaby Jive2 🥈$849
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2$799


All of these prams are capable prams and will serve you well. The best prams have better features, are more flexible, or are simply lighter or can carry more.

We like the UPPAbaby Vista the best as it does everything, is expandable and is solidly built. We could not think of anything more that we would want in a pram.

But if you are on a bit more of a budget, then we can’t go past the Redsbaby Jive2 which offers a lot of the same but for half the price. You will just need to get yourself to a demo day if you want to test it in person.

You will know what’s best for you when you see it so choose one which fits your family’s lifestyle and you won’t go wrong.

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