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When you want to take your baby but don't want to take a large pram, these compact travel beauties will help you fly light. Some are so good they may be your go to at home, too.

Travelling with a baby? No worries!

You’ve got this parenting thing down pat.

You’re confident, your baby’s happy and you’re thinking it would be nice to take a family holiday together. Maybe you can introduce her to the wonderful world of travel?

Then you think, ‘how is this going to work?’

There is a whoooooole world of baby logistics out there that you hadn’t appreciated.

How will you carry your baby around?

What is she going to sleep in when you’re out?

How will you carry the diapers, snacks, bottles, toys, shopping and everything else that comes with your normal trips?

What if I can’t take my normal pram because it’s too big?


Thankfully, it needn’t be impossible. Nor even difficult.

These compact but capable prams are travel friendly and will give you the freedom to roam around.

The Best Travel Pram 2020

Babyzen YoYo Plus

The best travel pram available, where money is no object

+ Well-designed, easy to fold
+ Airline friendly
– Expensive

Betterbuying.co_Gold-medal_60x60 Best Travel Pram

Mountain Buggy nano

Popular and affordable travel stroller

+ Maneuverable
+ Compatible with car seats
– Quality issues reported

Redsbaby Skip 2

Fully featured travel stroller at a good price

+ Large canopy
+ 30 day trial
– Two hands to fold

UPPAbaby Minu

Compact every day pram with the UPPAbaby quality

+ Quality build
+ Large basket
– Expensive and accessories extra

GB Pockit Stroller

Lightest and most compact stroller for travelling

+ World’s smallest fold
+ Feathery light
– No recline

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Competent all-rounder with awesome one-handed fold

+ Easy one-handed fold
+ Newborn – 22kg
– Can be tippy

Betterbuying.co_Silver-medal_60x60 Value Pick

Bugaboo Ant

Futuristic Bugaboo styling in travel form

+ Stylish
+ Parent- or world-facing
– Confoundingly complex two-handed fold

Kmart Runabout Upright Stroller​

An affordable stroller you don’t have to worry about

+ Cheap
+ Easy to use
– You get what you pay for

What is a travel pram?

A travel pram is designed to be easily carried with you on the go. They are lightweight and compact. All of them are designed with travel in mind and will easily fold into a small size.

Some of them are even designed to fit into an airline overhead compartment so you can take them onboard as carry-on luggage. This means you have a way to push your baby around the miles of airport corridors during transit. Your baby will thank you for this with sound sleep.

Some come with carry bags so you can easily pack away and carry your prams for when you don’t need them. When do you need to pick them up, they will seem feathery in comparison to your full-size pram at home.

They are also often easy to maneuver because they are light and small. All very helpful when you are traipsing the tracks as a tourist around town.

They sound perfect, but what are you giving up?

They do sound idyllic but they do have a compromise. 

Storage: Because they are smaller, you have less storage in the underseat basket.

Expandability: You also often don’t get the option to expand the pram to carry two or more children, although some models do have ride-on board options for toddlers.

Configurations: They may not have all of the recline or seat configurations that you may be used to. 

Capsule compatibility: If you have a capsule, you might not be able to connect it to the pram.

All-terrain: Typically the wheels are smaller so your ability to go all-terrain may be limited, but most are designed to handle pavements or cobblestones.

So, in all, they are less flexible than full-size prams. While that may be a limitation too far at home, you would be perfectly fine with that when on the road.

What to look for in a travel pram?

Folded size

Particularly if you are flying, the most important dimension is how large the pram is when it’s folded.

Too large, and it’ll have to be checked in to the hold. That’s no fun for you or your baby as you haul her around the airport in your arms. Or sometimes by the arms.

Official carry-on regulations of Australian airlines (July 2019)

Qantas: 115 linear cm (= combined length + width + height) up to 10kgs.

Virgin Australia: 56cm + 36cm + 23cm up to 7kgs.

Jetstar: 56cm + 36cm + 23cm up to 7kgs.

Tiger: 54cm + 38cm + 23cm up to 7kgs.

Bringing a stroller on board ✈️: the reality

The truth is, when it comes to airline gate staff letting you take your stroller onboard, unfortunately Your Mileage May Vary.

Sometimes airline staff have different views of what is allowed onboard.

You might get waived you through or you might get forced to check it in.

While this may make for uncertainty in planning for your trip, these tips will give you the best chance of getting it on board:

  • Get a stroller which is within the airline carry-on regulations.
  • Fold and pack your stroller into the carry bag before you get to the gate so it looks like a bag, not a stroller.
  • Sometimes the gate attendant will happily take your stroller at the gate and give it back to you when you disembark the plane.
  • Smile at the gate attendant (ok, that may not help with your stroller but it does make the world a happier place).
  • If you need to check in your stroller, ask the airline to let you borrow an umbrella stroller for moving around the airport.

If you do have to check it in and it doesn’t appear on the other end, don’t go crazy thinking it has been crushed and is in pieces floating down the carousel…check the oversized baggage pickup area.

Ease of folding

In, out. In, out. That’s what folding is all about.

When you are folding your pram many times a day, a complicated fold quickly gets old.

An easy one-handed fold will be a godsend when you have hands full of everything else on the go.

A one-handed fold will also mean that you won’t have to put baby down on the ground to fold.

Light weight

Travelling can be tiring work and you’ll be carrying around the pram a lot too so lighter is definitely better. Look for something under 7kg to satisfy most airline regulations. The lightest prams will be under 6kg.

Large canopy

If you are planning to be out and about then you’ll want a canopy on your pram with good cover and a UPF50+ rating to make sure your little one is protected from the sun.

The Best Travel Prams

1. Babyzen YoYo Plus

RRP: $749
Folded size: 52L x 44W x 18H cm

Weight: 6.2kg
Carry-on ✈️: Yes 

Babyzen takes credit as being the ‘very first stroller accepted as cabin luggage’. The effort in design shows: light, compact and easy to fold one-handed. To double down on the airline endorsement, Babyzen have even released an Air France limited edition version. It packs away very neatly and has a number of clever and (colour-coded) accessories.

It is very much the perfect travel pram except for one catch: the price.


+ Well-designed, easy to fold
+ Lightweight
+ Airline friendly
+ Clever accessories


– Expensive
– Not fully upright
– Handlebar not adjustable

Who this is for:

You want the best travel pram available and don’t mind the cost.

2. Mountain Buggy nano

RRP $399
Folded size: L 51.5 x W 56 x H 30 cm
Weight: 5.9kg
Carry-on ✈️: 😕

Along with the Babyzen YoYo+, the Mountain buggy nano is one of the most popular and often discussed travel strollers in mothers’ groups. It is maneuverable and easy to push over bumpy terrain, and compatible with most car seats. But as a travel pram it isn’t quite so compact when folded, and extends beyond most official airline regulations. It needs a strap to keep it in place and some have reported issues with the build quality, such as with screws falling out.

Overall, if it is your sometimes pram it may well be the perfect choice for you.


+ Maneuverable
+ Compatible with most car seats
+ Good over bumps


– Technically larger than cabin overhead
– No peekaboo window
– Some people report quality issues

Who this is for:

You want a popular travel stroller at a cheaper price than a YoYo. 

Babyzen Yoyo Plus vs Mountain Buggy nano

These two pocket strollers are the most popular in the market today.

Which one should you choose?

FeatureBabyzen YoyoMountain Buggy nano
Folded SizeWinner ✔️
WeightWinner ✔️
Canopy SizeDraw 🤷Draw 🤷
QualityWinner ✔️
Price$749$399 ✔️
Choose if:Money is no objectYou are value conscious

3. Redsbaby Skip 2

RRP $399
Folded size: 50L x 45W x 27H cm
Weight: 6.5kg
Carry-on ✈️: 😕

The Skip 2 is Australian online pram company Redsbaby’s entry into the travel stroller category. Redsbaby have done well with this new entrant: with a compact fold and a large canopy it is perfectly suited to travelling. But the fold does require two hands and can be challenging and some owners have reported it to not be fully locked in place when folded.


+ Large canopy
+ Compact fold
+ 30 day trial


– Two hands to fold
– No belly bar
– Moves around when folded

Who this is for:

You want a fully featured travel stroller at a good price.

Redsbaby Skip 2 vs Babyzen Yoyo Plus

How does the Redsbaby Skip compare with the Yoyo Plus?

Which one should you choose?

FeatureRedsbaby SkipBabyzen Yoyo Plus
Folded SizeWinner ✔️
WeightWinner ✔️
Canopy SizeDraw 🤷Draw 🤷
QualityWinner ✔️
Price$399 ✔️$749
Choose if:You want good value, Australian ownedYou want the best, most compact pram
FeatureRedsbaby SkipBabyzen Yoyo Plus
Folded SizeWinner ✔️
WeightWinner ✔️
Canopy SizeDraw 🤷Draw 🤷
QualityWinner ✔️
Price$399 ✔️$749
Choose if:You want good value, Australian ownedYou want the best, most compact pram

Redsbaby Skip 2 vs Mountain Buggy nano

How does the Redsbaby Skip compare with the Mountain Buggy nano?

Which one comes out better?

FeatureRedsbaby SkipMountain Buggy nano
Folded SizeWinner ✔️
WeightWinner ✔️
Canopy SizeWinner ✔️
QualityWinner ✔️
Price$399 🤷$399 🤷
Choose if:You want a good value, well made pramYou want a really light travel pram

4. UPPAbaby Minu

RRP $749
Folded size: 52L x 29W x 58H cm
Weight: 6.7kg
Carry-on ✈️: 😕

Like the Vista? You’ll love the Minu.

Smooth to push, easy to fold one-handed, with ample basket storage a wide seat & great build quality, it really is like the younger brother to the VISTA and pitched more as a daily replacement.

But in an attempt to be feature rich, it is a bit bulky when folded (52L x 29W x 58H cm), heavy (6.7kg), and expensive ($749) for a travel stroller. When it comes to travel, it is most likely only able to be let onto planes by the friendliest of airline gate staff.

I’m sure UPPAbaby realise this: if you purchase the Travel Bag and register (for free) with their Travel Safe program, ‘any damage caused to your gear during air travel is fully covered by UPPAbaby.’

It doesn’t quite make up for being too large to take onboard but it is an interesting attempt to give you peace of mind and perhaps buy more accessories.


+ Quality build
+ Easy to use
+ Largest basket in class


– Expensive
– Accessories extra
– There are smaller and lighter travel strollers available

Who this is for:

You want a more compact every day replacement for your VISTA than you want a travelling pram.

5. GB Pockit Stroller

RRP $399
Folded size: 35L x 30W x 18H cm
Weight: 4.8kg
Carry-on ✈️: Yes

The GB Pockit Stroller is the Guinness world record smallest stroller and its compactness really shows. Wow, is it small at only 35cm x 30cm x 18cm when folded!

With small does come some compromise: it’s not great for anything other than smooth terrain, the canopy is tiny and the handles are a bit low if you are vertically endowed.

But when you want a pram that is super easy to carry and travel with, this is the one. Not easy to obtain locally, however.


+ World’s smallest fold
+ Easily packs into a bag or overhead cabin
+ Feathery light
+ Narrow


– Bumpy over rough terrain
– No recline
– Small canopy

Who this is for:

You want the lightest and most compact stroller for travelling.

6. Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

RRP $499
Folded size: 58L x 50W x 18H cm
Weight: 6.5kg
Carry-on ✈️: 😕

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 reflects an updated design to build on the original City Tour. Many of the original features remain: a sturdy 22kg weight capacity, an awesomely easy one handed fold, big canopy, front wheel suspension, and large wheels for all-terrain pushing.The basket is still a bit on the small side but it is fine for a travel pram. 

Its new party trick in the updated Tour 2 is a fully flat recline suitable for newborns and calf support so your little one can put her feet up. Now you can take your baby around the world in comfort right from the beginning.


+ Suitable for newborns
+ Compact easy fold
+ 22kg weight capacity


– Hanging things on the handlebar can cause it to tip
– Latch doesn’t always hold the pram when folded

Who this is for:

You want a competent all-rounder compact pram with an awesome fold mechanism.

Babyjogger City Tour vs City Tour 2

What did Baby Jogger update in this 2019 refresh?

  • Fully flat seat suitable for newborns
  • New carry cot
  • Capsule compatible from newborn
  • Deeper seat and adjustable leg rest
  • Higher handlebars

7. Bugaboo Ant

RRP $849
Folded size: 55L x 38W x 23H cm
Weight: 7.2kg
Carry-on ✈️: 😕

Bugaboo released the Ant as a late entry into the travel stroller category in mid 2019 but it has produced something which looks like it’s from the future.

The first thing which strikes you when see it is its slick design. Modern lines, chunky panels and matt finish make up the build, and it feels as solid as it looks.

The second thing which strikes you when you lay your hands on it is, ‘boy, this thing is complicated to fold’. Two hands, multiple steps and a touch of dexterity is needed. Double the degree of difficulty when your bub is on your hip.

A neat feature is its ‘roller suitcase’ mode, which may help to get it onboard (it is slightly overweight), but unless you’re a Bugaboo fan the futuristic design touches may be outweighed by practical inconvenience.


+ Futuristic appearance and design
+ Seat can be forward or rearward facing
+ Solid build


– Complex two-handed fold
– Expensive

Who this is for:

You have been waiting patiently for the Bugaboo travel pram to arrive to match your other Bugaboo at home.

8. Kmart Runabout Upright Stroller

RRP $20
Dimensions: 81.5L x 41.5W x 103H cm
Weight: ~4kg
Carry-on ✈️: Yes

You may be surprised to see a $20 cheapie in a review where the average price is in the hundreds of dollars, but the classic umbrella stroller is a reasonable option. It’s light, folds easily, and is easy to push around.

But perhaps the greatest feature is that if it does happen to get damaged or lost in transit, the loss is much easier to bear. When you have so much more to worry going wrong on your trip, that peace of mind might just be priceless.


+ Cheap
+ Light
+ Easy to use


– Not all that comfortable
– Not all that all-terrain
– Not all that sturdy

Who this is for:

You want a runabout that you don’t have to worry about.

The Travel Pram Hierarchy

Price rangeModelRRP
High end $700+Bugaboo Ant$849
Babyzen YoYo Plus 🥇$749
UPPAbaby Minu$749
Mid-range $300-$500Baby Jogger City Tour 2 🥈$499
Mountain Buggy nano$399
GB Pockit$399
Redsbaby Skip$399
Budget: less than $100Kmart Runabout Upright Stroller$20


Travelling with a bub needn’t be challenging if you have the right gear. All of these travel prams will let you travel light and easy. Some of them have clever designs to fold compactly and fit into airline overhead compartments which will make your life so much more pleasant.

The best ones are so good that when you come back from your holiday, you may find your pram so convenient you’ll use it as your regular pram too.

We like the Babyzen YoYo Plus for its smart design, super compact fold and all round capability. If you are on a budget then the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is also worthy of consideration.

Do you travel with a pram? Comment below!

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